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Page 3: About Us & Funds & Incomes for Teams, Schools, Churches, Hospitals, Causes, & People

Updated: September 24, 2014

Subject #1: Generating Funding ($$) for Sports Teams, Schools, Churches, Ministries, Causes, etc.

Subject #2: Generating Impressive Part-Time and Full-Time Incomes $$ for People Who Care.

Dear Reader, Viewer, or Hearer of this Website Letter,

Thank you for seeking more information from our non-fancy, simple website and/or from me in-person, or via email, phone or some other means of contact. I applaud you for being open-minded to ways to improve your life and hopefully the lives of others.

Allow me to help you to get to know me better.  I am a graduate of Providence College (RI) and I have been married for many, many years to the same wife (Kathy). Kathy and I are grateful to God for allowing us to be the parents of five (5) adult children (Karen, Kevin, Georgie, Kenny, and Kallie). God has also blessed Kathy and me with 14 precious grandchildren that we love deeply.

I especially enjoy interacting with people and enjoy reading books on personal self-development, freedom, and entrepreneurship that are more likely to assist me and others to live a successful and vibrant life.

Also, I enjoy baseball, basketball, football, and I especially agree with God through the revealed words of His Son (Jesus Christ) who has declared that all the commands of God are summed up in the following from the
Gospel of Mark 12:30-31 (AMP -- The Amplified Bible):

“And you shall love the Lord your God out of and with your whole heart and out of and with all your soul (your life) and out of and with your entire mind (with your faculty of thought and your moral understanding) and out of and with all your strength. This is the first and principal commandment.  The second is like it and is this: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.”

I have been blessed by God with the gift of being especially effective at encouraging people to give their best so that much good is done.

During a 23-year span of time, I have been blessed in my full-time profession to have raised funds for approximately 1,300 sports teams, schools, churches, ministries, and other non-profit groups and causes in 48 of our nation’s 50 states (all but Hawaii and Alaska). I have learned much about much while helping to generate impressive cash flow for worthy causes and incomes for people who care.

As the need for financial improvement has become a very real challenge for teams, schools, and other groups, it has also become apparent that the need for an organized and easy-to-accomplish way of helping individuals and families to dramatically improve their financial situation has also become very real and much in need in all 50 states in our economically troubled nation.

As the cost to live rises dramatically on a daily basis, it has become necessary for people and families to increase their incomes on a part-time or full-time basis. In order to help thousands of people to improve their economic standing, I am delighted to be able, by the grace of God, to easily and intelligently help many to earn impressive incomes (part-time or full-time).

During my 23 years as a professional fundraising/funding consultant I had been blessed to have established exceptional and positive relationships with the coaches, school administrators, students, parents, etc., who were part of the 1,300 seven (7) day funding projects that I had helped to organize and conduct in 48 states.

While actively traveling to those 48 states (usually via airplane), I started receiving very kind and encouraging phone calls from coaches whom I had the privilege of having previously raised substantial funds for their respective sports’ programs and teams. The nature of these phone calls went something like this:

“Hi, George, this is Coach John Smith, the head football coach from Jones HS in California that you worked so well with on many occasions in helping our football team to raise lots of money so we could have lots of stuff that we so desperately needed so that we could be the best that we could be. George, I am so grateful for the first-class manner in which you conducted yourself in helping our football program and its student-athletes to be better people; and now I have a special request to ask of you.”

I would then thank the head coach for his kind words and I would acknowledge that I certainly remembered the coach and the great meetings we had previously had over the years in which we were very effective in accomplishing great things together on behalf of their football program.

At that point in those phone conversations, the coach would then inform me that he was planning on retiring shortly from teaching and coaching and that he was wondering if I would be willing to train him so that he could earn money doing what I had been doing as a professional fundraising and funding consultant for many years while traveling and working with some of the finest coaches and student-athletes in the United States in all states except Hawaii and Alaska. Coach Smith and others essentially wanted to become funding consultants employed by me so that they could start raising funds for team and groups located in their respective home states.

These coaches who called me realized that I knew what I was doing in my fundraising business because they had directly worked with me many times on projects with their teams, schools, churches, non-profits, etc., in order to raise impressive money for their team or school’s benefit. They also knew that I never could have afforded to travel (mostly by plane) to 48 states if the business I was doing wasn’t able to pay the bills for me and my wife while raising five children for so many years.

These coaches who called me were sincerely looking for me to train them so that they could comfortably retire from their teaching and coaching professions; and they realized that their retirement income alone was not enough to pay their bills and they were still not old enough to collect their Social Security benefits.

In other words, these coaches who called me on the telephone were looking to supplement their teaching and coaching retirement incomes by becoming fundraising consultants in California and in the other 47 states that I had focused on doing lots of fundraising business (all the states but Hawaii and Alaska).

After my phone conversations with these many inquiring coaches, I would always thank the coaches for their kind words and then I would simply tell them that I did not have the time to train these coaches to do what I did for a living for so many years and still be able to serve my current clients (head coaches, athletic directors, school principals, development directors, pastors, etc.).

As Our Nation’s Economy Started to Deteriorate & Personal Incomes Started to Diminish

During the last four years, I started to think seriously about the many excellent teachers and coaches who were non-lazy, solid men and women who truly wanted to help others to do well in life while earning impressive money themselves while helping to generate funding for teams, schools, non-profits, causes, etc., while also being able to help generate impressive full-time and part-time incomes for individuals who were or were not in the position to fund-raise.

In other words, why not develop and train lots of men and women (18 years of age or older) to be able to earn impressive incomes on a part-time or full-time basis without them ever having to travel as I had done for 23 years. They could focus locally, statewide, regionally, nationally, or internationally. Because of my extensive and many successful years of generating funding and income for others, I am confident in being able to train others so that they can accomplish great things in helping others in impressive financial ways without anyone having to quit their present employment.

Presently we can generate incomes in every community, city, and state in the United States. Also, we are now able to help people in 36 countries to earn money. Your part-time or full-time income can be as small as you like or as large as you can imagine. I thank God that He is able and willing to empower people to accomplish great things as we seek to do things well and right to the best of our God-given abilities.

Yes, I am thankful for the fact that I believe the Lord has enabled me to help all kinds of people (Christians and Non-Christians) who sincerely enjoy helping people to achieve great things while helping them to truly care about others so that others can also be successful.

What we do is not survival of the fittest or a dog eats dog kind of endeavor. What we do is fun and joyful for those who prefer to do well in life rather than to struggle in life. People who prefer to earn impressive incomes while helping people are most likely to excel with our help.

Three Major Positive Services That We Presently Provide

#1) We help to generate funding for high school and college sports teams, athletic departments, nonprofit groups, schools, hospitals, community groups, music groups, booster clubs, veterans groups, college and university alumni groups, churches, ministries, and literally hundreds of other groups too numerous to list here.

#2) We also help people to earn impressive part-time or full-time incomes by helping them to discover how to become great at generating funding for the type groups mentioned in #1) above.

#3) We also help people who do not desire to learn how to fund-raise but who simply want to earn impressive part-time or full-time incomes helping people to care about people.

Please read closely again the above Three Major Positive Services That We Presently Provide.

In other words, I specialize in helping high school and college sports teams, schools, booster groups, non-profit groups, churches, ministries, hospitals, worthy causes, etc., to have lots of money for its group/s or team/s.

I also specialize in helping people (18 years of age and older) from all kinds of backgrounds to earn from a little bit of money to a tremendous income on a part-time or full-time basis.

Our Two Kinds of Funding for Teams, Schools, Non-Profits, Churches, Causes, etc.

#1: For Christian and Catholic Schools, Teams, Groups, Causes, etc., we customize our funding projects accordingly.

#2: For Non-Christian and Non-Catholic Schools, Teams, Groups, Causes, etc., we customize our funding projects accordingly.

In other words #1 and #2 are each somewhat different from the other’s approach to generate large funding.

Each of the two approaches mentioned above produces impressively for many sound reasons. I look forward to sharing the pertinent specifics with many open-minded head coaches, athletic directors, leaders and decision makers who truly desire the impressive specifics as to how we do what we do to help generate impressive funding for trams and groups headed by solid men and women. In summary, what works best in a Christian faith-based setting does not work best in a secular, non-Christian setting.

For complete Free Information regarding Our Two Kinds of Funding for Teams, Schools, Non-Profits, Churches, Causes, etc., please call me (George Leppard) at 1-848-221-2112 and/or SUBMIT just one completed Contact Us Form found at the bottom of one or many or all of our website’s pages.

For complete Free Information regarding Our Wonderful Program to Earn Impressive Part-Time or Full-Time Income, please call me (George Leppard) at 1-848-221-2112 and/or SUBMIT just one completed Contact Us Form found at the bottom of one or some or all of our website’s pages.

Pages 1 and 2 of our website focus on helping those who desire to generate money for their team or group and/or income for themselves, their family, and for others.

Later, on this website’s page 4 or on this document or attachment, please find helpful video links to help you to have insight into how one of our partnership companies (Organo Gold) has been blessing people financially around the world (see on videos on page 4 and below) in a marvelous and unique manner.

Since I am a self-employed funding and income-generating for others consultant, I have access to many high-quality, ethical companies that we can work closely with so that we can maximize our effectiveness and profit for those we are blessed to work with. This is a major advantage for those that we serve.  

Yes, we can help you and those you care about to accomplish great things while helping others on a full-time or part-time basis to earn a little bit of money or a lot of money. Our services have become increasingly in demand as our country continues to have serious economic challenges as never before have I seen in my lifetime.

I thank God that we have the ability and know-how to positively assist those who are truly open to doing positive things so that they are able to overcome tough financial times (debt, unemployment, foreclosures, school tuition costs, food increases, etc.).

Our son (Kevin), Rod Smith (the retired Denver Broncos’ NFL Hall of Fame candidate featured on Page 1 of our website), I (George Leppard) and others partner effectively together in helping people to earn money for themselves and/or to generate substantial funding for their sport’s team or group, church group, worthy cause, etc.

Below please find a listing of the 36 countries (as of September 24, 2014) in which Organo Gold conducts its daily business. We have also included below the steady business revenue increase it has enjoyed since that company started doing business in the United States just a few years ago in 2008.

36 Countries that Organo Gold Presently Conducts Its Business

01) Australia
02) Austria
03) Belgium
04) Canada
05) Cypress
06) Czech Republic
07) Dominican Republic
08) Ecuador
09) France
10) Germany
11) Greece

12) Hungary
13) Ireland
14) Italy
15) Jamaica
16) Japan
17) Kazakhstan
18) Kenya
19) Malaysia
20) Mexico
21) Netherlands
22) New Zealand
23) Nigeria
24) Peru
25) Philippines
26) Poland
27) Portugal
28) Russia
29) Singapore
30) Slovenia
31) Spain
32) Taiwan
33) Thailand
34) Ukraine
35) United Kingdom
36) United States


Organo Gold's worldwide business has shown tremendous growth in less than five years.

I believe that you will be impressed and encouraged by this growth pattern even during negative economic conditions worldwide.

Please note these very impressive Organo Gold yearly sales revenue figures since their first year as a company:

2008: $2,000,000 (million); Great first year!
2009: $9,000,000 (million); Great second year!
2010: $47,000,000 (million); Great third year!
2011: $152,000,000 (million); Great fourth year!
2012: $180,000,000 (million); Great fifth year!
2013: $215,000,000 (million); Great sixth year!
2014: Approximate sales revenue figures for 2014 will, hopefully, again be impressive (God willing). These figures are expected to be available in about May of 2015. 

I look forward to answering any and all of your questions. Please call me personally at 1-848-221-2112. If I do not answer when you call, then please simply leave me a voice mail message and I promise to get back to you as quickly as possible. I also encourage you to complete and send to me the convenient and easy-to-use Contact Us Form found at the bottom of this website’s page.

Gratefully to Christ and to you,

George Leppard

342 Saint Thomas Drive
Toms River, New Jersey 08757
Call: 1-848-221-2112
Website: and

Listed below are the nine (9) websites at which one can access our information.

The following seven (7) websites each provide the same exact information. Please feel free to ask me why I have seven different websites that provide the same information. 

Here are our seven (7) funding and income generating information websites:


Next please see our two (2) Christian-oriented, spiritual information websites. The following two (2) websites each provide the same exact information:


This essentially ends Page 3 of this website.

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