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Page 2: Smart Funding and Abundant Funds

Page 2: Smart Funding and Impressive Funding Potential

Smart Fundraising Generates Substantial Funding While Doing Things Well and Right
From: George Leppard

"Love God and People" & “Funding Specialists for High School & College Sports Teams and Other Groups & Causes”
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September 24, 2014

Dear Open-Minded Head Coaches, Athletic Directors, and Potential Fundraising Sponsors,

Having directly worked with and helped about 1,300 high schools, colleges, sports teams, non-sports groups, athletic programs, church groups, ministries, worthy causes, etc., to have abundant funding has motivated, guided, and encouraged me to prepare and write what you are presently reading and/or hearing.

While helping the groups I have just mentioned in 48 of our nation’s 50 states (all but Hawaii and Alaska), I am especially grateful to and for the dedicated coaches, athletic directors, teachers, adult men and women leaders, etc., who have helped me in each fundraiser so that their group’s experiences would be positive and profitable.

I have never met a group’s fundraising sponsor who preferred to generate small funding rather than large funding with their group’s fundraiser. I hope that the following QUESTIONS and ANSWERS (Q’s & A’s) format will help you to want to contact me so that you can easily see and understand why, what, and how I do what I do to easily maximize the abundant funding for your team or group via our well-organized fundraising projects which we are willing to help conduct in every state of our nation at no-cost to you or to anyone else.

Here are revealing QUESTIONS (followed by my ANSWERS) that I have been asked over a period of the 23-years that I have been helping to generate lots of funding for teams and groups throughout the United States.


QUESTION #1: “Do you charge a fee for the fundraising services that you render?”

ANSWER #1: There is no fee charged for the well-organized services that we render. I am compensated for the services that I provide by the American and Canadian companies with whom I have a working relationship. I have access to many of the finest and most reliable companies in the United States and Canada so that we can maximize the funding for those that we help.

The more money that we are blessed to help the groups I work with in the United States and Canada to generate for their purposes, naturally, the greater is my compensation by and from the companies with whom I am associated.

Be assured that I work honestly, logically, and with clarity of purpose for those whom I raise funds. In other words, I do well, when those that I help do well. Yes, the free enterprise system rewards excellent results.

QUESTION #2: “George, I believe that I am in a unique situation as a head coach. I have been the head football coach for ten years at our town’s largest public high school here in California. I have also been the head baseball coach at a local Christian college for five years. Our public high school’s football program and our Christian college’s baseball program each needs lots of money to operate at a high level of excellence. I am very open, George, to what you are offering for both our football and baseball programs. My question is this. Is there a difference in the type of fundraising programs that you offer to and for nonsectarian, nonreligious, secular or Jewish groups, public schools, and Catholic/Christian churches, schools, teams, groups, etc.?”

ANSWER #2: Excellent question! Most head coaches and educators in the United States (as described in this question) are typically not employed at a public school and at a Christian or Catholic school (at the same time) as is the situation of the head coach that asked QUESTION #2.

I have helped conduct more than a few multiple fundraising projects for head coaches who were employed at two different schools -- with one being a Christian or Catholic school and the other being a public school. Never has that impeded us in any way from achieving wonderful successes with their fundraiser at the public school or at the Christian and/or Catholic school.

Since I have been helping public, Christian, and Catholic schools and sports teams to generate impressive funding for 23 years in 48 states, I have seen hundreds of different and many unique situations that were present as I helped one team or group at a time. Fortunately, such has helped me to be better prepared to best serve you.

In my first year as a fundraising consultant, I discovered how positive the fundraising experience could and should be for those who were part of the teams and groups that I had helped. The professional, sincere and honest preparation, depth of presentation, organization, and encouragement made available by me (the fundraising consultant) are vitally important for the fundraiser to be conducted efficiently and smoothly while generating impressive funding for the group that I am there to help free of charge.

Through this process, valuable and positive life experiences are realized by those who are part of what it is that we are doing. Over the years, I have been truly blessed and encouraged by the kind letters and phone calls that I have received attesting to the fact that the person contacting me and others in their group are now more caring and better prepared for the future -- thanks to the positive experience that he or she or they had with me when I came to their school or church to help their team or group to have money to pay for important and needed goals.

Though the money we are able to help to generate is impressive, it seems that according to those we work with as if the intangible, more lasting benefits to the team and its members are possibly more important and lasting than the money itself.

During my preparation for each fundraising project, in order to maximize the funding for the team or group that I am rendering my fundraising services on behalf of, I am always cognizant and respectful of the reality of what would be the best custom-prepared, tailor-made fundraiser to conduct for a specific public school, secular private school, or faith-based Christian, Catholic, Jewish school, etc. Smart preparation by me can lead to great success for you and your team or group.

This same core practice of sound preparation is also applicable and important when I am working with a non-school group or team such as a community-based local, regional, or national team, nonprofit group, cause, etc.

I am truly thankful for the fact that I have learned so much from so many diverse fundraising experiences and people whom I have been blessed to work closely with across the United States. I sincerely believe that I have learned something positive from each of these different experiences that can benefit you and your team or group.

Since most of my fundraising experiences have been with high school and college sports teams, head coaches, assistant coaches, athletic directors, student-athletes, parents of student-athletes, etc., I have spent lots of time in discovering why certain teams, coaches, and athletes at the high school, college, and professional levels excel in school, in sports, in fundraising, and in life even after their sports playing days have long been completed.

Life is an exciting journey -- especially since such a journey is made with people of varying sorts. Yes, I thank God that He has enabled me to work closely with a wide variety of coaches and student-athletes from national championship teams, state championship teams, great teams, and mediocre teams.

I have also learned much from my first-hand fundraising experiences with teams that for so many reasons and for many years have had losing records. Much has been discovered and learned by me during those years in order to best serve others.

I believe that fundraising done well, right, honestly and respectfully of others -- positively prepares people for the continuation of their life experiences while presently generating significant and large funding -- whether such is being done for the benefit of a team or group from a public school, a secular private school, a Catholic school, a Christian school, a Jewish school, etc.

In other words, our funding programs have been specifically prepared and organized for Catholic, Christian, Jewish, and/or public schools or secular, nonsectarian, and nonreligious groups.

Thanks for the excellent question. I hope my answer has helped.

QUESTION #3: “How much funding would be a realistic, attainable goal for a team or group to seek to generate with your free, direct, personalized, on-site assistance in such a short 7-day span of time?”

ANSWER #3: A realistic and attainable team or group funding goal to shoot for is a $259 clear funding goal for the team or group on a per-person (adults and/or young people) basis in just 7-days.

Naturally, the more people who are part of your team or group, the greater will be the fundraising funding goal for your team or group. The formula to determine the team’s or group’s total funding goal, in just 7-days, is easy to determine. Simply multiply $259 x the number of people who are part of your team or group (including coaches, staff members, trainers, etc.) to arrive at the total funding goal for the team or group.

Allow me to share a realistic example. Let us say that Sample High School Football Team Program has 83 football team student-athlete football player candidates from grades 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. The team also has 5 student managers, one (1) adult trainer, one (1) student trainer, 9 assistant football coaches, and one (1) head coach.

Let us now add the above sample numbers together to come up with the total number of people (young people and adults) to determine the total number of people who are part of this Sample High School Football Team Program: 83 + 5 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 1 equals (=) *100 total people (young people and adults).

Next, all one needs to do to determine this football team’s funding goal for its well-planned, well-organized 7-day fundraising goal with our free assistance is to simply multiply *100 total people x $259 clear funding per-person equals (=) the team’s total funding goal of $25,900 in just 7-days of smart fundraising focus.

*Note: If the team or group had more than 100 total people who are part of the fundraising team or group, then the total funding goal for the team or group would be proportionately higher than $25,900. If the team or group was less than 100 people, then the total 7-day fundraising goal for the team or group would be proportionately lower than $25,900.

QUESTION #4: “What would the funding be if the team or group of 100 total people does half as well or two times better than the originally established team or group funding goal as stated in the above example?”

ANSWER #4: This two-part question is easy to answer. In the two examples set forth by this question, the team's or group’s funding would be exactly half of the $25,900 in answer to the first part of the above question. In the second part of the same question, the total team/group funds would simply be two times more than $25,900.

In the first example, the team or group would have earned $12,950 (half of the original funding goal) for itself. In the second example, the team or group would have generated $51,800 (twice as much as the original goal in funding) for itself.

I here suggest that those who are reading or hearing this paragraph to especially pay close attention to the fact that $12,950, $25,900, or $51,800 are truly fantastic dollars to be generated for any kind of group of 100 people in just 7-days.

Please later see below the listing of 17 Additional Examples of Funding Potential after ANSWER #8.

QUESTION #5: “George, those team or group funding goals (stated above) are very impressive. Please share two reasons as to why you think you are so confident in being able to generate so much money for teams, entire athletic programs, church groups, school groups, hospitals, worthy cause groups, nonprofit groups, etc.?”

ANSWER #5: This is an excellent question which helps me to ponder carefully before I answer such. Thanks for helping me to think before I type my answer to this QUESTION #5. Here are just two of many reasons:

Reason #1: Let me start by sharing with you that I believe God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) gives gifts and talents to all people. I am grateful to God that He has blessed me in such ways so that I am effective at and truly enjoy helping others to do their best at whatever it is that they do in their lives that happens to be a good thing to do.

I take seriously the fact that it is vitally important, as a matter of principle, that I put forth my very best effort to help to generate great fundraising results regardless of the size of the group that I am helping. Yes, I take seriously my responsibility to the teams and groups that I help; and that helps you to have abundant funding.

I treat my fundraising effort for a team or group having just 10 people with the same dedicated attentiveness and seriousness of creativity and focus as I would if I were helping an entire school district, diocese, or church that had 10,000 people.

I am thankful to God for gifting me to effectively communicate with and encourage people while attentively listening to those people in a one-to-one setting as well as in a small group or large group setting.

In other words, I enjoy conducting group meetings to help people to truly want to do their very best so that they actually generate big money ($$) for their goals. This happens in our team or group meetings at which time I actually come to the team’s or group’s location in order to effectively organize, motivate, and encourage all members of the team or group so that they are more likely to generate substantial funding rather than small funding.

Reason #2: God has allowed me to personally conduct about 1,300 fundraising projects in 48 of our nation’s 50 states (all but Hawaii and Alaska).

He has enabled me to collectively accumulate about 5,000,000 (million) frequent-flyer miles while traveling as a paying customer with our nation’s major airlines. During that 23-year period of time, I have been privileged to work closely and directly with some of the best coaches, athletes, athletic directors, teachers, administrators, parents, and people from just about every possible cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, and racial community in the United States. Such direct experiences with over 100,000 people have taught me much about what produces well in fundraising and what does not produce well in fundraising.

I could have listed many other reasons as to why I am so confident in my ability to generate great funds and cash flow for your team or group, but since you asked for just two reasons, thank you for allowing me to restrict my answer to the two reasons I have just elaborated upon. 

QUESTION #6: “It appears that you have helped many sports teams throughout the United States to raise lots of money. Do you also help groups other than sports teams and athletic programs to have money?”

ANSWER #6:   Yes! Most of the groups that I have helped to raise funds for during a 23-year period have been sports teams at the high school and college levels. However, please be assured that I am also willing and able to help thousands of different teams, school groups, parent and adult booster club groups, PTA groups, high school and college or university alumni associations, church groups, cheerleader teams, community groups, youth sports leagues, diverse adult groups, hospital groups, veterans groups, disaster relief groups, music groups, patriotic groups, crisis pregnancy centers, schools, nonprofit groups, etc., to raise funds for all kinds of worthy causes.

I also look forward to helping honorably discharged soldiers, individuals, parents, and families that are faced with the need to generate impressive individual or family incomes.

I am also thankful to God to be able to provide easily doable, creative ways to earn many to earn income in order to help high school and college students to be able to pay for their high school and/or college tuitions so that they are not a financial burden on their parents, on themselves, or on anyone else.

Please be assured that I will not generate funds for any immoral, unethical, or illegal purpose. I also will not participate in any fundraising efforts that would violate my moral conscience even if to do so is legal.

Yes, I am also grateful to the Lord that He has shown me the importance of mission and vision to help people.

QUESTION #7: “How is it, George, that you are able to help so many diverse groups, nationwide, when it seems to me that just about all other fundraising representatives only work with local schools and groups?”

ANSWERS #7: I believe the answer to this seventh question is also an easy one for me to answer even though I can’t specifically recall ever having been asked this question before.

I think the main reason that I am able to work effectively with so many diverse groups is the fact that from the first fundraising project to the last fundraising project that I have participated in organizing, I have readily been able to see the importance of and therefore the need for me to custom-prepare, tailor-make, and efficiently organize each fundraising project while working in close and cooperative harmony with the adult leader (head coach, athletic director, principal, pastor, etc.) of the team or group for whom I raise the funds. This leads to hassle-free, substantial funding.

I place intelligent emphasis in my organizational approach; and that really helps me to effectively prepare in advance of each fundraiser that I conduct. Yes, I prefer to fund-raise smartly, logically, and with effective planning. Hard to succeed at fundraising makes no sense to me. I never could have paid for my travel expenses to directly help about 1,300 teams and groups in 48 states while earning about 5 million frequent-flyer miles if what we were doing to help others to have money wasn't working well nationwide during a 23-year span of time.

QUESTION #8: “George, I have never met or even known of a fundraising representative who has personally worked with teams and groups on a nationwide basis. I find that to be unique and incredible especially in light of the fact that you have helped so many teams and groups in 48 of our nation’s 50 states during a 23-year period. From your extensive on-site and direct experiences with those 1,300 teams and groups and with so many diverse people from all kinds of different backgrounds and communities, what do you believe, George, are the ten (10) most important realities that you have discovered from your experiences that are most likely to benefit in big ways the teams and groups that you are able to help to have lots of money during today’s difficult financial times?”

ANSWER #8: This is an intriguing question that also helps me to reflect on my many experiences with about 1,300 different teams and groups in 48 states. Having worked directly with over 100,000 adults and youngsters in 48 states, now more than ever, I realize what it takes to accomplish great things in an intelligent, easy, hassle-free manner. People are very much alike regardless of where they happen to live. Though the speaking dialects of those we help to raise funds vary greatly, such has no bearing on the results we will have on their behalf.

For example, the speaking accents of people from such places as Boston (MA), Chicago (IL), New Orleans (LA), Birmingham (AL), Long Island (NY), Providence (RI), San Antonio (TX), Jersey City (NJ), Buffalo (NY), Hartford (CT), etc., are all refreshingly different. Such a reality has no effect on how well the team or group will do in its fundraising project with us. There are many other important factors that lead to big success.

I believe that the 10 Experienced Realities (listed after the next paragraph) can help you to recognize the kinds of men and women leaders of teams and groups who would truly benefit with the help of our free funding expertise, experience, knowledge, services, and willingness to help those who prefer to do things well and right in life.

Such men and women care about things that matter. Below is a partial listing of realities that I believe will be helpful to you. The kinds of people I especially look forward to working with and coming to their school’s or group’s actual physical location at my expense to help generate abundant funds for their goals follows next.

Ten Experienced Realities Regarding Those Who Excel With Our "FREE" Help 

They are people who truly care about and want the best for those who are part of their team or group.

*02: They are people who prefer to do good things while being guided by clarity of positive thought and well-focused attentiveness to detail while generating lots of money to pay for their important and worthwhile goals.

*03: They are people who truly believe that it is better to be well organized rather than to be poorly organized.

*04: They are people who readily recognize that it is a good thing for the members of their team or group to truly want to generate lots of money for their team or group while I do my best to encourage and to help them to do exceptionally well.

*05: In the case of school groups and team fundraising projects, it is a good thing for the adult leader (such as the head coach) of the team or group to see the importance of his older students (seniors and juniors) wanting to lead by “great example” so that the younger students are also more likely to want to produce impressively.

*06: It is a joy for me to work with adult leaders of teams or groups who prefer to be part of a fundraiser that is based on sound reasoning rather than to be part of a fundraiser that is based on unsound reasoning.

*07: It is a good thing when the head coach or adult leader of the team or group readily recognizes that it is very good for people to give their very best while doing that which is honest, honorable, and financially rewarding.

*08: It encourages me when I am privileged to work with coaches and adult leaders who think and live as “we”, “us”, and “our” mindset people instead of thinking and living as “me”, “myself”, and “I” mindset people. Selfless (unselfish) thinking and living help the team or group to succeed on and off the playing field. Such healthy, wholesome thinking and living can help their team or group members to live morally and joyfully now and into the future.

*09: I believe that it is important for young people and adults alike to realize that it costs lots of money to have the equipment and to be able to do the good things that so many people, teams, schools, and nonprofit groups would like to have and to do. Doing fundraising with much excellence is a good thing for the members of the team or group to experience. I have received about 500 kind and appreciative testimonial letters from head coaches, athletic directors, school principals, school superintendents, board of education members, students, parents, pastors, etc., that I have generated substantial funding for -- from just about every region of the United States.

Thus, I realize, and I am grateful to God that I have been able to help instill and strengthen in others a healthy and positive work-ethic attitude that is not necessarily discovered in most textbooks. Adult leaders and coaches who value such as being a good thing are likely to do exceptionally well while fundraising with me as I walk side-by-side with them to help assure impressive funding for their team, athletic program, school, church, youth group, music group, parent/booster group, community group, veterans group, nonprofit cause, etc.

While writing regarding your request for my 10 Experienced Realities that I have discovered during my 23-years of fundraising in 48 states, I have not compiled this listing of ten (10) in any order of prioritization. I have simply typed on my computer during the early morning hours of July 11, 2013, the thoughts that came to mind as I sought to provide truth and accuracy in my ANSWERS to the QUESTIONS -- for those who prefer to read or hear truth rather than to just read or hear a bunch of sales talk words that might sound nice.

*10: Here is my Experienced Reality #10 to complete my answer to this QUESTION #8. It is a joy for me to have worked closely with so many coaches, educators, and adult leaders who showed me by their actions that they are guided by a sincere desire to treat others as they also would like to be treated as they live lives of integrity, humility, honesty, honor, love, truth, and genuine caring for others. Yes, every life is beautiful!

17 Examples of Team/Group/School/Church Funding Potential for Groups of One (1) Person to 2,000 People

Below please find a listing of realistic, attainable funding goals that can be generated in just one-week (7-days):

#01: One (1) person can readily generate $259 x 1 person = $259 of team or group funding in just 7-days.

#02: A group of 5 people can readily generate $259 x 5 people = $1,295 of team or group funding in just 7-days.

#03: A group of 10 people can readily generate $259 x 10 people = $2,590 of team or group funding in just 7-days.

#04: A group of 20 people can readily generate $259 x 20 people = $5,180 of team or group funding in just 7-days.

#05: A group of 30 people can readily generate $259 x 30 people = $7,770 of team or group funding in just 7-days.

#06: A group of 50 people can readily generate $259 x 50 people = $12,950 of team or group funding in just 7-days.

#07: A group of 70 people can readily generate $259 x 70 people = $18,130 of team or group funding in just 7-days.

#08: A group of 100 people can readily generate $259 x 100 people = $25,900 of team or group funding in just 7-days.

#09: A group of 150 people can readily generate $259 x 150 people = $38,850 of team or group funding in just 7-days.

#10: A group of 200 people can readily generate $259 x 200 people = $51,800 of team or group funding in just 7-days.

#11: A group of 250 people can readily generate $259 x 250 people = $64,750 of team or group funding in just 7-days.

#12: A group of 500 people can readily generate $259 x 500 people = $129,500 of team or group funding in just 7-days.

#13: A group of 700 people can readily generate $259 x 700 people = $181,300 of team or group funding in just 7-days.

#14: A group of 900 people can readily generate $259 x 900 people = $233,100 of team or group funding in just 7-days.

#15: A group of 1,000 people can readily generate $259 x 1,000 people = $259,000 of team/group funding in just 7-days.

#16: A group of 1,500 people can readily generate $259 x 1,500 people = $388,500 of team/group funding in just 7-days.

#17: A group of 2,000 people can readily generate $259 x 2,000 people = $518,000 of team/group funding in just 7-days.

Please feel free to contact me (see below) 24/7 for any reason. I enjoy answering any and all questions.

In the limited confines of this letter, it is impossible to share all of the pertinent specifics as to how we do what we do at no-cost and no-obligation to you or to anyone else as we generate impressive funding on a one-time or [if preferred] on an ongoing basis for schools, sports teams, athletic departments, music groups, churches, ministries, youth and/or adult community groups, homeless shelters, orphanages, hospitals, nonprofits, etc.

Yes, you just read correctly. I am confident that we can help your school, team, group, church, cause, etc., to have a steady stream of impressive incoming cash on a daily, weekly, monthly, and/or yearly basis -- if such ever becomes your desire.

The best and most efficient way for you to receive from me complete free information is to simply call me today. If I don’t answer the phone when you call, please simply leave your name, the name of your team or group, your school, your message, and your daytime and evening phone numbers with area codes. Yes, I am good at returning calls.

Also, if you choose to email me, please provide me with your name, the name of your group, school, team, location, and your phone numbers with area codes to be reached at in the daytime and in the evening. Please let me know for what specific goals you would enjoy having lots of money for which you currently do not have.

Please help me to help you by providing me with your preferred daytime phone # and evening phone # with area codes since it is very difficult to help teams and groups to have lots of money if I can’t connect and explain the important specifics via phone or in person in a well-focused manner in which there are no distractions.

I have never seen so many teams and nonprofit groups that need financial assistance as is the situation in our nation today in the year 2013. It is my privilege and joy to be willing and able to serve you and many others.

Please call and/or email me today. I especially enjoy helping those who care and are sincere in their desire to do things in an excellent manner. Therefore, please feel free to call me any time, any hour, any day. It is my privilege, pleasure, and honor to be able to help you and your team or teams, or your group or groups, etc.

Since the need for our free nationwide services is very much in demand like never before, I suggest that you take a couple of seconds to complete the convenient
Contact Us Form (below) and send to us the completed form. We will get back to you ASAP.

Fundraising done well and right is a blessing for so many people and groups in need of help.

Sincerely and with much appreciation to God Almighty and to you,

George Leppard

From: George Leppard
“Love God & People” & “Funding Specialists for High School & College Sports Teams & Other Groups”
342 Saint Thomas Drive
Toms River, New Jersey 08757
Call: 1-848-221-2112
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